Drupal 7 - Easily add images in your articles with IMCE

This article presents the IMCE module to easily manage and insert images inside your articles.

IMCE main features:

  • upload images from your hard drive to your webserver
  • Image(jpg, png, gif) operations: resize, create thumbnails, preview
  • navigate inside the structure of your web server to select image

Drupal 7 - Installation of the visual HTML editor CKEditor

This article helps you to install a visual HTML editor on your Drupal site: CKEditor.
Like in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice, you will have a toolbar to easily:

  • make text bold, italic, underline
  • insert links
  • insert images
  • define lists ..

Drupal 7 - Basic Installation, step by step

In this first article, I propose you to follow, step by step, how to perform the basic installation of Drupal:

  • Download and install Drupal source
  • Installing and configuring the database
  • Go further...

This article is mainly for beginners, but also for all users that want to see how it looks like before to start.

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