Debian Jessie 8: Additional configuration of Nginx and PHP 7 FPM

In continuation to the article on the installation of a Nginx web server and PHP 7 FPM, we will make some changes to our basic installation.

The goal is to show you how to proceed, to allow you to edit your own settings according to your needs.

Debian Jessie 8: install and configure the latest version of Nginx and PHP 7 FPM

In this article, we will install the latest version of NGINX web server that will be associated with the new PHP7 FPM.

In the past, I was a Apache httpd addict and I have used it a lot every time that I'm looking for a web server.
But since I tried Nginx, I adopted it...Nginx is really fast, powerful and consumes fewer resources than Apache.

PHP 7.0 is a worthy successor to PHP5 (yes I know, PHP 6 was swept under the carpet in the middle).

This basic installation will be used later in the next articles to add the support for HTTPS and HTTP/2 protocols.

Getting started with a VPS SSD 1 2016 from OVH

In this article, we will see step by step how to start with a VPS SSD 1 from OVH.
For $3.49 / month, you have your own VPS server, based on OpenStack KVM with:

  • 1 vCore at 2,4 GHz
  • 2 Go RAM
  • SSD 10 Go local Raid 10

Debian 8 "Jessie" stable released

Since April 25 2015, the version 8 of Debian "Jessie" has been released in stable version (
This version offers a really cool update to create a Web server:

  • Apache 2.4.10
  • PHP 5.6.7
  • nginx 1.6.2
  • MariaDB 10.0.16 et MySQL 5.5.42
  • PostgreSQL 9.4.1

Here is the full announcement from the Debian site:

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